Junro is a modern rock band with roots in Southern New England. Embracing the elements of progressive rock, metal and 90's alternative, Junro delivers a complex sound while remaining accessible in taste and catering to a broad spectrum of musical genres.

The foundation of Junro's unique, yet melodic tonal disposition is derived from the varying musical experiences and backgrounds of each of the members. 

Junro released their first EP, Throwing Stones in 2017 and will be releasing their next album, From Hell in early 2019. Whether a progressive metal-head, pop-punk enthusiast, hard rock aficionado, or all-around connoisseur of musicianship, Junro can bring the noise!

Junro’s riotous riffs, rasping vocals and rising crescendos combine to create a signature sound reminiscent of Avenged Sevenfold or Arcane Roots.
— Xunemag.com
Junro builds from the foundation of post-punk and with stellar musicianship, brings a freshness to the genre
— Quietviking music sharing